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The Richford Conservation Commission installed 11 historical signs around town in 2021 - and now the RCC invites you to play their Richford Historical Marker “Wild and Scenic River Trail” Game!
Visit all 11 signs to learn about Richford history and people’s interactions with our federally designated Wild and Scenic Missisquoi River! Solve clues in each puzzle (click on the image or see the attached worksheet) for a word and then complete the following sentence about Richford: 

_______ is a _______ _______ whose _______ ________ a ________ _______ ________
the Wild and Scenic ________ ________, a ________ of power and inspiration!

Richford Historical Signs Trail Game.JPG
Troy, Lowell, Jay, and Westfield Sum

Troy, Lowell, Jay, and Westfield Summer on the River

Montgomery Recreation River Trip

Montgomery Recreation River Trip


Stream Scientists Camp


Enosburg River Craft Project

Screenshot 2018-11-29 13.35.34

Montgomery Adventures River Explorer Program



Cold Hollow to Canada Mammal Tracking


Riverwalk Park/Caleb's Field


Missisquoi Paddle-Pedal and Richford River Fest

Encore Summer On The River 5

Encore Summer on the River


Richford Riverside Conservation Area

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