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Outstandingly Remarkable Values and

Protection Goals for the Wild & Scenic

Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers

An Outstandingly Remarkable Value (ORV) is a unique, rare or exemplary river-related feature that is significant at a comparative regional or national scale. The Study Committee and partners identified a number of ORVs which are summarized below. For each ORV, the Committee also assessed existing protections for these resources and developed management recommendations to address potential threats to ORVs or gaps in protection. The Management Plan for the Wild & Scenic Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers includes the Protection Goals highlighted below

Scenic & Recreational ORVs
  • Swimming Holes

  • Paddling (Canoeing and Kayaking)

  • Wildlife Viewing

  • Fishing

  • Hunting

  • Biking, Hiking, Skiing, Snowshoeing and Snowmobiling

  • Covered Bridges

Scenic & Recreational Goal

​To protect, preserve and enhance the abundant scenic and recreational opportunities in the area and its enjoyment by the public. To support the maintenance of adequate access opportunities to the river that allow for appropriate river uses while protecting the water quality, integrity of the riparian areas and the surrounding environment of the river.

Natural Resource ORVs
  • Geology (including Gorges and Waterfalls)

  • Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species and Natural Communities

  • Significant Ecological Areas

  • Critical Wildlife Habitats

Natural Resources Goal

​To preserve the natural resources and unique natural features of the upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers so that they may be enjoyed by current and future generations. 

Water Quality ORVs
  • Water Quality in Vermont and the Missisquoi and Trout Watersheds

  • Biological Assessment of Water Quality

Water Quality Goal

​To prioritize the reduction of sediment and phosphorus inputs to the Missisquoi River. To encourage best management practices for the health of the Missisquoi and Trout watersheds based on sound river science. 

Historic and Cultural ORVs
  • Prehistoric and Archeological Resources

  • Native American History and Culture

  • European Settler History and Culture

  • Covered Bridges

Historic and Cultural Goal

To preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the upper Missisquoi and Trout River valleys by supporting efforts that maintain and restore prehistoric and historic sites and areas of cultural significance in the Wild and Scenic River towns, with a focus on historic and cultural resources that are related to the rivers. 

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