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10-Year Celebration Paddles

After years of hard work from a group of dedicated watershed volunteers, 46.1 miles of the Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers were designated as Wild and Scenic Rivers in 2014. Back in 2019, we paddled all 46.1 miles to celebrate 5 years of designation, and we are back at it again to celebrate 10 official years as being designated Wild and Scenic rivers! Join UMATR staff and UMATR Committee members as we paddle along our beautiful river sections, across seven day paddles starting on June 6th running through June 12th. Each section of the river is broken down day by day for what to expect on the river, and you can register for each day that you are interested in joining us. This paddle is free for participants - and some meals will be provided!  


**UMATR The Wild and Scenic 10-Year Celebration Day Paddles schedule is subject to change, due to weather or river conditions. Participants will be contacted prior to each paddle for an update on what to expect along the paddle, what water levels are like, and weather conditions. You can contact our Field Coordinator, Sarah, at for more detailed information as needed.**


Read more about our previous 5 Year Sojourn Paddles (celebrating 5-years of designation) at

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Register by for each day below or by visiting our events page! 

The Schedule

Westfield to Troy ~ 12 Miles total
Beginner friendly with optional rapids!

Day 1 – Thursday, June 6th: This will be our longest day of paddling, and will be split up into a morning and afternoon paddle. We will put-in at the Lowell-Westfield town line (at “Brown’s Ledges” off Route 100) and paddle approximately 7 miles to the established access point on Lane Rd, off Loop Rd in Westfield. This first section of scenic paddle will involve one area of Class II whitewater, in a beautiful rocky gorge, and may have some shallow sections, depending on water levels. Once we reach Lane Rd in Westfield, we will stop to have a UMATR-provided lunch before continuing into the afternoon paddle section. For the afternoon, we will put-in at Lane Rd, off Loop Rd in Westfield, and paddle approximately 4 miles to the River Road crossing above the Chase Dam in Troy. This section is primarily flatwater, could be shallow in some sections, and is very beginner-friendly!

Missisquoi Gorges to Big Falls ~ 4 Miles
Advanced paddling!

Day 2 – Friday, June 7th: Day 2 will be both the most technical day. This section is for experienced paddlers only, containing 4 gorges that are Class III/IV whitewater. The four gorges are within the first few miles below Chase Dam; boats may be lined through the gorges at low water, and portages are possible, but these gorges must be scouted and paddling experience is required to navigate them safely. Below the gorges, the river will pass under the temporary bridge on Veilleux Rd (site of the red covered bridge that burned in 2021) and another ~1.5 miles to Big Falls. This section requires technical paddling and careful scouting so that you do not miss the take-out above Big Falls. Day 2 will be an exciting day on the river, but is not for the inexperienced; please contact us if you are interested in more information about this section.

Big Falls to Canadian Border ~ 4 Miles
Beginner friendly!

Day 3 – Saturday, June 8th: Day 3 will be our easiest and shortest paddle of our celebration. Starting out just below Big Falls, we will paddle approximately 4 miles in a flatwater section up to the Canadian border. There is a required portage around the North Troy dam; people interested in joining only for a short time on the water are welcome to join for just the first part or the second part - let us know when you register and we can help make this happen. This section is very beginner friendly, and is great for first time paddlers and even kids! This section is remote and will feel like we are paddling in our own riparian land forest. 

E. Richford to Richford ~ 6 Miles
Beginner friendly with optional rapids!

Day 4 – Sunday, June 9th: We will put-in near the Canadian border in East Richford and paddle approximately 6 miles to Richford. This scenic paddle involves some neat historical features and one rapid, near the site of the old Steven’s Mill (can be easily portaged around). When entering the downtown area of Richford, there is an access point established by the Vermont River Conservancy that enables portaging around (or scouting, for whitewater enthusiasts) the Class III rapids in the heart of Richford. Davis Park, on the other end of the rapids, provides another access point, as well as a wonderful spot to enjoy a picnic along the river.

DAY 5:  MONDAY JUNE 10TH       
Richford to E. Berkshire ~ 6 Miles
Beginner friendly!

Day 5 – Monday, June 10th: From the access point at Davis Park in Richford, we will paddle approximately 6.5 family-friendly miles to East Berkshire. There are a few sections of swift-water, but is the river in this section is primarily deep and slow-moving, making this a great tour for all. This paddle trip will include beautiful views of pastoral Vermont against the Green Mountain backdrop, and bald eagles are often seen in this section of the river. The take-out in East Berkshire is just past the confluence with the Trout River, where Route 118 crosses the Missisquoi.

E. Berkshire to Enosburg Falls ~ 5 Miles
Beginner Friendly with optional rapids!

Day 6 – Tuesday, June 11th: From East Berkshire, we will enjoy the final designated miles of the Missisquoi, paddling approximately 6 miles to just above the Enosburg Falls dam. This is a fun and varied section of the river, and includes a Class II-III whitewater spot at the old Samsonville dam (there is a portage option on river left). There are also great local and historical features on this section, including the Boston Post Dairy, close proximity of the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail, and the Brownway Trail. Enosburg Falls Village provides ample options for a celebratory snack!

Trout River ~ 9 Miles
Beginner friendly, water levels dependent!

Day 7 – Wednesday, June 12th: We will paddle the Trout River from Montgomery Center to its mouth at the Missisquoi River in East Berkshire, approximately 9 miles. The upper portions of the Trout River can provide swiftwater fun during high water, but can present a shallow-water challenge at other times. Lower down, the river is slower-moving and more reliably deep. This day’s paddle details will depend on water levels, but the Trout does provide a fun experience no matter the weather. The route will carry us beneath several of the iconic covered bridges and past numerous excellent swimming holes.

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