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11 Films  -  Locally Donated Raffle  -  Food from Miso Hungry

  Join us for the fun! - Following the 14 annual Jay Peak Bean & Brewfest

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October 13th, 2023 
8:30 PM
Clips and Reels Theatre
Jay Peak Resort


Join us for a FREE No Other Lake showing followed by a Q&A from filmmaker
Duane Peterson III 

after the Jay Peak Brewfest dinner!

Supported by our wonderful sponsors. Thank you!

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October 14th, 2023
5:30 - 9 PM
Clips and Reels Theate
Jay Peak Resort

Raffle, Food, and 11 films to enjoy!

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2023 Film Program



- Olivia Mater, Mikayla Wujec

“In the summer of 2019, ten young Indigenous and non-Indigenous women set out on a five-day, science-focused canoe journey in the Poisson Blanc Resérvoir in Quebec, Canada, within traditional, unceded Anishnaabeg territory. Guided by an all-female team of water scientists, educators and Indigenous knowledge holders as their mentors, the young women encounter a journey of connection to themselves, each other and water. Led by the voices of the youth, the film follows the journey of what they discover in the riparian zone: between land and lake, Western Science and Indigenous Ways of Knowing,

young women and water. Their reflections become teachings about care, connection, awe, and reciprocal relationships to the land, water, and one another. The participants were brought together by Riparia, a registered Canadian charity created to inspire the next generation of water protectors.” More information:


Song of the Hermit

- Sarinah Simons, Allison R.P Nelson

“The hermit thrush’s song has been a magical part of a visit to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Researcher Allison R.P. Nelson and collaborators are working to better understand the subspecies that breeds along coastal California and identify impacts that the 2020 CZU Lightning Complex Fire had on the park’s population of thrushes.”

More information:   |

Yuba is the Heart

- Palmer Morse, Matt Mikkelsen

“Forty years ago, the South Yuba River Citizens League began caring for the South Yuba River by advocating for dam removal and gaining Wild and Scenic protection. Today, their work encompasses the entire Yuba River watershed – from the Sierra crest to the valley floor. As the organization looks towards the next forty years, community members reflect on the future of their work in the face of climate change and protecting the river for future generations. Posed as a love letter to the river and the community that surrounds it, Yuba is the Heart considers what it means to love and be loved by a river.”

More information:   |


Big Basin Speaks

- Sarinah Simons, Portia Halbert

“On August 16, 2020, a rare, dry lightning storm that produced over 11,000 bolts of lightning, ignited hundreds of fires across California. Some of these initially separate, scattered fires, began to merge and grow after a rapid change in wind conditions, and these mounting fires became known as the CZU Lightning Complex Fire.

Of the areas touched by these devastating wildfires, was Big Basin Redwoods State Park, a place dearly loved by so many across the world for its lush beauty and impressive old growth forest. Inspired by the accounts of friends, neighbors, coworkers, and the natural 


and cultural resources that called the park home, Big Basin Speaks lends a feeling of hope to all those who have despaired at the hands of these fires by giving an artistic glimpse into the mind and heart of Big Basin itself.

To learn more about how State Parks and its partners are Reimagining Big Basin, visit


Ghost Ponds

- Amanda Sosnowski, Pedro Furtado, 

Charlie Dean, Maia Sherwood-Rogers, Jack Greenhalgh

“In the farmland of England, a search and rescue mission is underway. A team is working to excavate land haunted by ghosts… but these are not ordinary ghosts… they are ghost ponds. Norfolk used to have a record number of ponds, but modern-day farming is burying England’s wetlands at an exponential rate. With a looming biodiversity crisis, a grassroots movement is reviving farmland ponds as an unexpected last hope to protect freshwater wildlife.” For more information visit their website below:


Range Rider

- Colin Arisman, Elsa Sebastian

“As wolves repopulate Washington State, conflict is heating up with rural, ranching communities. As a range rider, Daniel Curry is dedicated to reducing predation, by creating a buffer between wolves and cattle that roam on public lands. As poaching and state sponsored culls take their toll, can Daniel prove that coexistence between ranchers and wolves is possible?”  More information:


Like a River

- Jim Aikman, Graham Zimmerman

“Artist and climber Jeremy Collins has had a long and loving relationship with the desert canyons of the American southwest. In this short film, he describes his passion for three canyons in particular as he creates a new mural that combines them on paper. Captured with cutting edge robotic technology and featuring stunning timelapse imagery of Grand Canyon, Black Canyon, and Zion Canyon.” More information:

A Baffin Vacation

- Erik Boomer, Sarah McNair-Landry

Rush Sturgers

“Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry set off on a bold multi-sport 45 day expedition traveling through the remote landscape of Baffin Island in search of stunning cliffs to climb and unexplored rivers to whitewater kayak.

More information:   |

Bring the Salmon Home

-Shane Anderson

Bring the Salmon Home captures the emotions, courage, and determination of Klamath River tribal communities as they host a 300+ mile run from ocean to headwaters to cultivate support for the biggest river restoration project in history. More information:   |


Giant Sequoias - Yosemite Nature Notes

-Steven M. Bumgardener

Giant sequoia trees are impressive for their great size, old age, and stoic resilience, but this resilience is being tested by bugs, drought, and catastrophic wildfires. These challenges offer opportunities to research these wonderful trees and develop better ways to support their ability to thrive and survive in the face of a changing climate. More information:

Voices From the Water

-James Flanagan, BeAlive Studios, Jordan Letsinger, Mark Stewart Iverson, Bethany Scully

River heroes are at the forefront of solving the pollution and waste issues faced by our planet’s waterways. “Voices of Water,” tells the stories of these champions and highlights the direct value of rivers to our community ecosystem and the importance of their role in the health of the planet and climate change. Through the stories of these heroes and the projects, they have undertaken we seek to raise awareness of river plastic pollution, and the commitment to solve the problem at its source upstream.

More information:

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