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The Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers Wild & Scenic Committee is delighted to provide funding for projects and activities in the communities that our Wild and Scenic rivers flow through. During the forth round of our Wild and Scenic River Community Grants we are offering grants between $1,000 and $5,000. We may still consider projects that exceed this funding cap please contact us at info@vtwsr.org so we can discuss the importance of such projects to our river.  The goal of these projects is to protect and enhance the quality and enjoyment of the Upper Missisquoi and Trout Wild and Scenic Rivers and their outstanding resources. Projects must also address one or more of the goals of the Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers Management Plan.

This is an annual program of the Wild & Scenic Committee; we are pleased to be able to use part of our annual budget for work that our many community partners identify and champion.

2020 River Community Grants projects:

  • “Wild & Scenic Paddle Adventure Camp” – This program will bring teens from the Missisquoi valley school district summer program on the Missisquoi River. Encouraging recreational activities, healthy life styles and to create a stronger connection between students, their environment and connection to the river. The kids will canoe, fish, camp and connect with the natural world around us giving youth the skills to continue paddling as a lifelong recreation on our most prized local resource.

  • “Long Trail Stabilization on Jay Peak” – This project will enhance the Long Trail from Route 242 heading northbound over Jay Peak to Laura Woodward Shelter through a trail stabilization project.

  • “Encore On The River” – This program will bring pre-teens from Encore After School and Summer Program on the Missisquoi River for the third time. Teaching students the importance of river protection and its connection to recreation, encourages healthy and active lifestyles. It also gives an opportunity for the youth to increase their knowledge and awareness of the river, the watershed, and the threat that humans are to these ecosystems.

  • “Samsonville Dam Remains Removal” – This project will focus on a feasibility plan to the removal of the old dam remains that block passage to boats and have a potential to cause injury. Outcomes from this project will be evaluation and site plan of existing conditions, permit analysis, and budget for removal.

  • “Public River Education” - Arvin A. Library will purchase books, programming, and materials such as water quality testing kits to educate the towns citizens about the history of the Missisquoi River.

  • “Sediment Removal Project” -  Westfield was one of many towns that were affected by the Halloween storm. This project will remove sediment that was deposited on the flood plain of the Missisquoi River during the storm.  Protecting the Missisquoi from the additional phosphorus by not allowing the sediment to reenter the river.

  • “McKay / Big Falls River Access” -  This project will address the management and site improvements at McKay/Big Falls River Access, by creating key infrastructure enhancements.

  • “Marvin Road Culvert Project” – This project will remove and replace a damaged culvert that was not allowing for water to run freely through it in Berkshire.

Storm Impacts Grant Application Now Available!!!

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