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Montgomery Adventures River Explorer Program

Montgomery Adventures, an outdoor adventure guide service, has been guiding paddling trips down the Missisquoi River over the past six years as part of the River Explorer Program. Starting in 2017, the Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers Wild & Scenic Rivers Committee has awarded scholarship funding for local students, enabling everyone to get out on the river and enjoy the amazing resource we are lucky to have!





To watch a slideshow of photos and videos from the camp, click here


Life Lessons

This summer's trip began in Richford and ended in Sheldon, with a total of nine boys, two girls, two camp counselors, two adult leaders, a camp helper, and a learning guide. The students swam, fished, paddled, and camped along the river- the first time many local students traveled on the river first-hand. The leadership opportunities provided for older students and the cooperation and teamwork skills for younger students are invaluable, and there is no better setting than our region's nationally recognized rivers.

Future River Explorers


Learning to navigate the river exposes students to the importance of clean water and environmental stewardship, helping them to grow into mindful adults. The Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers Wild & Scenic Committee is pleased to support such an important effort, ensuring that all students regardless of background can have the same experience. We are excited to continue to fund this trip in 2019!


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The Trip


The River Explorer Program was developed by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) as a way of getting students out on the Missisquoi river, which is not only designated Wild and Scenic but is also part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, which runs from New York to Maine. Each one-week trip takes up to a dozen students on a camping/canoeing trip along the Missisquoi, teaching them safety and paddling skills. Students also learn about ecosystems for aquatic and land animals, and the importance of clean water. This year students also learned about foraging for wild edibles.

A student displays a wild edible!

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